Saturday, July 14, 2012

3 months home!

I'm happy to report Miss Hui-a is settling in and enjoying life after stepping off a plane from Korea just three months ago!

She loves her some toys and babies!

Is sleeping thru the night and crazy addicted to her bottle!

Full of life and energy, and still refusing to speak any sort of English!

Has started to give unsolicited kisses and hugs as well throwing down some serious temper tantrums!

She now loves to cuddle with both mommy and daddy, but still sneaking in some pinching and scratching on her poor unsuspecting sister (who I actually think has had the rougher time)! 

Swims like a fish and loves the outdoors, and has had a lots of timeouts for trying to ride the dogs like ponies...including the 8lb mini dachshund!

Loves her some Texas insects and always more interested in pointing one out then smiling for the camera!

Continues to only answer to her Korean name, and still eating lots of Korean food!

I can guarantee you it's been a lot of craziness, adjustment and hard work, (and still is!) but it seems as though she's been here all along...

right where she belongs. :)


Laurie (kurlegirle) said...

What an awesome post, Kimberly. I could eat her with a spoon!! (And she sounds so much like someone else that i know...)

Kelly said...

Oh Kim! She is adorable!!! Her and big sis's relationship sounds ALOT like Luke and Leahs....sigh....Love the pics! And happy early birthday!!! (its coming up right!?!?!?)

Go Away With Jae said...

These photos are beyond precious. Happy birthday to your girls! And keep encouraging her to speak Korean. She'll pick up English soon enough. And when she does, it'll be very difficult to raise her bilingual.

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