Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our second day of Emersyn!

Oh my goofy kids at home!  I can't wait to see them this weekend!  I miss them so much!

Another fun filled day in Seoul!

It started with little bundle sleeping in!  She was tired!  Slept till after 9am!  She sleeps exactly like I did as a baby!  Little hiney up in the air!  Yesterday at our meeting while we were waiting for her pre-flight checkup, a bunch of the foster moms watched us interact together and told DJ that Hui-a and I look a lot alike!  It is very true...I have a lot of baby pictures that resemble Em!  

She woke up, looked right at me and gave me a big smile, then jumped right out of bed and got busy playing again!

After getting to Skype with family, we had the chance to meet another adoptive mom who is living here with her daughter until all the proper paperwork is completed and she gets her official travel call.  They are both so sweet and staying in the same hotel, and we may try and hang out again on Friday before we leave this weekend. :)  Emersyn did okay there, got a little territorial with toys and then started getting restless because she was hungry.  She doesn't really cry, rather she grunts and yells 'baaaaah', which I guess is baby slang for let's go in Korean!

So we decided to head out to Namdaemun, my favorite!  I never tire of the sights and sounds of Korea.

Got lots of shopping done and Hui-a was a trooper riding on my back in the Ergo and even took a long nap while walked around.

Was tempted to go check the prices in this Canon shop!

After a delicious lunch at a small restaurant (Em ate like a champ and even though her FM said she didn't eat meat, she seems to be eating quite a bit of it with us!  When she was done and waiting on us to finish, she flirted with the man sitting behind us!) and several hours of walking and shopping, including new glasses for both my brother and I, we headed back to Insadong to pick up our finished name chops.  They turned out beautiful!  And of course, they can tell when you've just adopted and throw in the ink free of charge.  My brother wasn't so lucky, they made him pay! lol!

We then made our way back to our hotel.

She has to push the buttons when we get in and out of the elevator and then she runs inside and holds onto the bars for dear life!

Spotted a little taste of home outside our hotel!

We decided to take Emersyn on a little walk to burn off some energy, and boy did she ever!  I can barely keep up with this girl, especially with my camera in hand!

She stepped in THE only puddle in the entire area with BOTH feet so we had to head back to change her socks and shoes before going to eat.

We ate a little place right by our hotel and had delicious triangle kimbap (the only way I know how to describe it!) and some noodle bowls.  Em devoured the one with spam that we ordered her!

Came back up and let her play, splashed and thrashed (literally!) in the bath again, and then walked her around the dark hotel room on my back in the Ergo just like last night and now she is once again sleeping next to me as I blog. :)  

She is definitely showing a little more resistance with me today, throwing a bit of a fit when we had to go back inside after our walk...she also decided to pinch my cheeks as hard as she could during a cab ride and actually cut open my face!  I don't think she did it on purpose, but I can tell she's pushing the limits a little more today!  Butt overall she continues to still be doing very, very well!

Now off to bed for me as I'm exhausted yet again! (I've decided single parenthood is not meant for this crazy toddler!)  Headed back to Holt in the morning to meet with Zoey's foster mother!

I just have to thank my brother for taking this trip with me.   We were very close before hand, but I so appreciate everything he does and how he respects the bonding with Em and I.  Though his jet lag is rampant (he barely sleeps at home either), he's been a trooper and has done great with just taking the back seat and letting me order him around and carry my bags! LOL!  I know what a sacrifice it was to buy his plane ticket and leave his family for a week, so just wanted to thank him for being part of this journey with me. :)

Good night from South Korea to all!


Korrin said...

Kimberly I love reading your updates! I am so glad you are having such a wonderful trip. I hope you get some rest but am afraid you arent going to for a bit ; ) She sounds like a busy little one! Enjoy your time!

Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

She sleeps until 9:00 am?!?!?!How do you keep getting kids that sleep?

Heather Anderkin said...

I just had to share how wonderful it is to read your blog. It brings to tears to my eyes and warms my heart. I am so looking forward to our Gotcha Day:) Enjoy each minute of that sweet face. Praying for a quick and safe return to the states.

me said...

I hope you're having an amazing time! Korea looks fabulous! Can't wait to see you guys!

judy said...

So happy for you! I can't believe she is that well-adjusted! She seems like she's having a blast! And these photos are just amazing! Will continue to pray for a good flight home and transition!
Judy (FB).

Karen said...

What a beautiful girl! I love your updates! Sounds like a fabulous trip. :o) Can't wait to hear more!

Park Family said...

What beautiful photos! And she sounds so sweet and typical for her age. =) I know what you were saying about missing your kids back the time we had custody I just wanted to get back home too!

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