Sunday, July 15, 2012

saengil chukha hae Hui-a!

Two years ago today, 
at 7:50pm in Daejeon City, South Korea, 
a 7lb 5oz baby girl named Hui-a (which means joyful pretty) was born.  

For 15 days, she was cared for by her birth mother.

Because of circumstances we may never know or understand, she was then given up for adoption.

On May 4, 2011, she found her forever family.

She would spend the first 20 months of her life in two different loving foster homes,
and celebrate her first birthday with other children waiting for their families.

Three months ago, she finally made it home. 

And we are so happy to be celebrating the first two years of her life with her here in our arms!

She was beyond thrilled to see her birthday present after church today!


And big sister had no problem trying it out as well.

And helping mommy make one of Hui-a's favorites, yakimandu (and really Zoey's favorite)!

Hmmm!  Happily chowing down on some of yumminess!
Mandu, bulgogi, bap and fish cake!

There's nothing better than Pororo on the iPad while you're cruising in a pink car.

Except for maybe cake...

with candles.

That you get to blow out!

And then eat!

She happily shared.

Zoey turns four at the end of the month and we decided to have one big party this year, so that's to come, but I must say, it was a great day just the five of us being together!

To Hui-a's foster mothers..thank you for allowing this sweet girl to thrive and grow and learn and be loved...without you, she would not be the incredibly amazing two year old she is today. (and I promise to send lots of pictures soon!)

And to her birth mother...simply...

Thank you.

Saengil chukha hae Hui-a!

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