Monday, April 9, 2012

We have arrived!

Just a quick update to let everyone know we (my brother and I) made it!  That flight was a doozy for the both of us.  We were ready to get off at about hour 8!  We were lucky enough, after originally being assigned seats that weren't next to each other, to get window seats with one empty in between us!  Uneventful, everything on time, cleaned our bowls of bi bim bap and made it safe and sound to the DMCville!  Showered and changed and just ran up to the restaurant that is here in the hotel and had a quick meal of japchae and spring rolls.  Back at the hotel room now and feeling the affects of jet lag for sure!  Hoping to get in good nights rest as tomorrow is already the day to pick up Emersyn!

It hasn't seemed to really hit me yet that I am back here in Seoul!  Maybe the jet lag is doing that?!?!  But I can assure you how much I love this city and am so happy to be back.  Both my girls were born in the same month two years apart and here I am back in Seoul almost exactly three years later in the city I was born to pick up my youngest...

Missing my kiddos and husband at home, but knowing this week will fly by and we'll all be reunited as a family of 5 soon!

Before I left, I made signs for Braedan and Zoey to count down when Emersyn and I would be home.  Danny promised to take their picture in front of it everyday so I could 'see' them every day I was gone!  He emailed this one to me while I was in the air from yesterday!

Danny asked the kids what they wanted to tell mommy... 

Braedan: 6 MORE NIGHTS!!! We miss u! 
Zoey: Hurry up mommy and Dafe! 
(Zoey's way of pronouncing my brother's name Dave!)

More tomorrow as it's the big day!!

We ask for prayers for Emersyn and her foster family as things are about to change for both them in a huge way...she has been with them a year now and this will surely be a hard goodbye..

But for now, good night from Seoul, South Korea!


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Shannon Schoon said...

Can't wait to see you all together!

Sylvia said...

Looking forward to the pictures, Kim! Your emotions must be too many to fully process. I'll be thinking about your when you meet your little girl and hope the adjustment and meeting go completely smoothly for everyone involved!

Heather Anderkin said...

Praying for you all :)

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