Saturday, March 31, 2012

Swimming in March!

Yet another advantage of living in the south!  My kids have been dying to get back in the pool!  Water is still slightly chilly, but I wouldn't doubt daily dips will be happening soon!  We hit the 90s today!  Hope Miss Em likes the water, we've got her suit all ready!

Monday, March 26, 2012

EP Approved!

It was another great email day at our house!

Emersyn's EP {emigration permit} has been approved!

We were so excited, we didn't wait till brother got home to take pics of our announcement, but Zoey did a pretty good job on her own! (in her pajamas and all!)

Now, we just wait for travel call in the coming weeks and baby girl will be in our arms!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

All he wants for Christmas...

is his dang two front teeth!!

Braedan was four when he lost his two front teeth.  Yes, that's pretty young, but dentist said he might have had some trauma to make them fall out sooner and not to worry, they'd grow in and everything would be okay!

Well, it's almost three, yes THREE years later and the poor kid still has no front teeth!

We finally figured out that he happened to have an extra set of baby teeth up in his gums, that were blocking the two permanent teeth from dropping...

so after many appointments, lots of X-rays and finally finding an oral surgeon that took our insurance, it was time to pull those babies out!

Ready to go!  We were so lucky that the oral surgeon could do everything in office and no trip to the hospital was necessary!  Just an anesthesia mask and no IV needed!

They pulled out the extra set in his gums (and just put in one tiny stitch!) and had to pull the two next to the front teeth to make room for the permanent ones to finally come down!

So, even though he needs more teeth, they actually pulled five out today! 
(one that was loose on the bottom too!)

We decided all that craziness (and trouble with the crying coming out of anesthesia!) deserved a new lego ninjago set...(aka: "please mama, the tooth fairy will pay you back!")

And well, for a while, people will question the dental care of our son with all those missing teeth!  Eeep!  Let's just hope those suckers grow back quickly!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Countdown is on!

What a fabulous email day it was at our house!!

No, not the Hobby Lobby coupons, though I will be using those!

Someone we know has been...

Wait, what does that say?!?!?!

Yes!!!  Baby sister is coming home!

Despite our silly faces, we are THRILLED!

And just to be clear, we were only submitted once. :) LOL!

And the countdown to travel call begins!!

Emersyn had her visa physical (another necessary step to get out of the country) on January 5th.  All other paperwork on the US side is completed for her adoption and so now we just wait for the last final steps before we get the go ahead to travel to Korea! 

Still praying hard and steadfast for all those still waiting!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Here we go!

Ten months ago today, this precious face popped up in our email!  

We had just made the decision to adopt again (as in we had spoken to our agency to let them know we were starting again an hour before the call!) and seeing her face, we knew she was ours and it was all meant to be!

It is already Monday in Korea and we are anxiously awaiting news of EP submission from our agency in the morning!

With fast approvals, everyone is hoping for travel calls to begin by the end of the month!  What a difference this month is going to be since there has been little to no movement in the adoption world since last October!

We are praying the adoption floodgates open and that many babies are on their way home!

Including our little bundle of sweetness!

We feel very blessed that adoption is such a huge part of our life...

and even more blessed to be adding this sweet little 19 month old to our family...

here we go!

Friday, March 2, 2012

'Cause rockin' a green scarf, ajumma shoes, an 'I want a pony' sweatsuit while talking on a cell phone is just this easy....

and oh so adorable!