Sunday, April 15, 2012

We're home!

Okay, I'll try and make this quick so I can get to bed, but wanted to get it all down before I forget or too far behind!!

Flight was a doozy, but not nearly as bad I thought it could be!  She cried, slept, ate and ran the aisles, and the flight attendants were always helpful (and gorgeous) and things were overall not horrible. I definitely stood a lot and walked her a ton, that Ergo was my saving grace!  It certainly felt a lot faster (it is by 2 hours) and physically I felt so much better after this flight than I did after Zoey's!  My brother was of course, a huge help and might have been the one thing that made all the difference this time around! We had a connecting flight in Dallas and for some crazy reason had to go and pick up all our bags and recheck them to get on the last flight.  So annoying and seemed so unnecessary!  Didn't have to do that the last time...

We cleaned up somewhat, as best we could!  Changed Em's clothes (her hair was filthy!) and the adrenaline kicked in with the excitement of finally making it home!  The last flight was supposed to be just 45 minutes, but for whatever reason, ended up being just over an hour and Em was not having it.  She was done by then and pretty much freaked out the whole time.  Finally got to SA airport and thru the big double doors I could spot my family and friends waving!  It was such a relief and sooooo happy to be home!!

We had a professional photographer at the airport, so I'll share those as soon as he gets them to me!  So happy he could make it, he happens to be a friend and I know they will be awesome!!

Em was super shy and timid and mostly hid behind me.  To be perfectly honest, I think it was all the caucasion people!  She was intimidated by everyone's different look!  Played a bit with her cousins and siblings and daddy. :)  Fascinated with the balloons someone had brought, but wanted me to get it for her rather than her walk up to a stranger to grab it!

Did really well on the way home in the car in her carseat as sister and brother shared snacks with her.  Got a little restless about 5 minutes from home, but immediately perked up as we pulled into the house.  Just explored her surroundings and opened up a bit.

Decided to give her a bath and me a shower and then my big kids wanted to go swimming, so we all headed outside and we introduced her to the dogs and the pool (she didn't swim) and her favorite so far, the trampoline.

I'll be honest, I gave up the camera for the flight home and let daddy chase her around the back yard while I relaxed and watched a bit!  I was exhausted!  So I didn't take a ton of pics when we first got home.  Just focused on my family!

She killed about a dozen toasted seaweed wrapped rice rolls (one of her favorites) and a yogurt.  She's still taking milk from a bottle, so that's been easy and has drinks it cold straight from the fridge. :)

She played hard and then just got kind of quiet at around 6:15ish...took her upstairs and put her in pajamas and she just sort of laid down next me on the pallet on the floor we set up (the way she was sleeping in Korea, I personally think this is very important to stick to what they know at first) and she barely finished her bottle before she was out.  Unfortunately, her sleep didn't last long and she woke up grieving...hard.  It lasted several hours and was heartbreaking.  Danny came and laid beside us on the floor and she let him comfort her at times too...she did take some water and another bottle during this time that seemed to help and then we handed her a pacifier that she played with and seemed to make her feel better.  She finally fell back asleep early morning and she and I slept in till 11am.  Well, I did!  I woke up and she was sitting up next to me in bed staring at me!!!

Had a great day with her today and we're really focusing on bonding with daddy.  She loves Braedan and he has been so good with her...she and Zoey have had some good moments, but have been struggling too.  Everyone got to bed late tonight after we all napped...Em and I napped several hours.  She just gets really quiet and kind of starts staring when she's tired and tries to crawl on my back.  So in the Ergo she went tonight and bam, out like a light shortly thereafter and transferred her to bed.  Hoping if there is any more grieving tonight, it will be shorter in duration and slowly get better.  She has just been thru so much, it is amazing to see her thrive.  After the big kids went to bed, she and daddy played and bonded some more.

Here's some pics of our first two days together!

Hasn't fought me yet on sitting in a high chair, thank goodness!


Exploring the back yard!

Checking out the trampoline!

Taking a little break to lay on oppa's lap!

Checking out feather!

Getting oppa's belly!

Oppa getting her belly!

Just checking out her surroundings...

Big sister picking flowers for mommy!

Bonding over the gae (dog)!

This picture does not do this girl justice on her crazy long eyelashes!!

Taking our first little walk as a family of five!

Overall, things are going really, really well!  So thankful and so happy we are all finally together!

Now off to bed!! Ready to finally kick this jet lag!


Rach@In His Hands said...

Welcome home!!! So thankful you're sweet family is all together. Praying for a smooth transition!

Kate Chan said...

Welcome home!

And PS. Your comment: "To be perfectly honest, I think it was all the caucasion people! She was intimidated by everyone's different look! " - this is EXACTLY what happened with our little one too. She was Daddy's girl from the get-go (He is Chinese) - and we are certain this is part of it. Recently (she's almost 4 now), she's fallen semi-in-love with our new nurse practicioner who also happens to be Asian.

You new addition is a cute-button! Congratulations and welcome home again. We wish you much needed rest, love, peace and time to soak all of these precious moments in.

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